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Covid 19

A hydroalcoholic solution is available at the entrance of our establishment.

Please use it as soon as you arrive and as many times as necessary.
In addition, the accompaniment to your room and the carrying of luggage are suspended. 
In case of a stay of several nights, it is suggested that you do not redo your room, in order to avoid any risks. In this case, a change of linen will be made available on request. Bags are available to deposit used linen.
Breakfast and catering services can be provided in the dining room, with the mask being worn when you travel; however, we also provide room service for those who wish to do so.
Please leave your room-service trays on the luggage rack outside and close to your room.
When you leave, please open the window to ventilate the room as much as possible and turn off the heating.
When you pay your bill, please give us an e-mail address so that we can send you the invoice.
We are aware that these new provisions are restrictive and less warm. Nevertheless, they are necessary and mandatory in order to stem the spread of the disease. We hope that in a little while we will find a more serene and friendly life.
We remain at your disposal, and we wish you a pleasant stay in our establishment.
Mr and Mrs VACHER
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